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National Security Clearances

Attorney Edmunds has done over 600 Security Clearance Hearings in just the last 4 years. His record of appearances is kept on the official gov’t web site at DOHA.

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US FlagToday’s security climate has contributed to the difficult of obtaining or even retaining a security clearance. At The Edmunds Law Firm, we can assist clients with the entire spectrum of security clearance cases and problems. Over the course of forty years’ experience, our attorneys have earned a national reputation for success, particularly in representing individuals who have had their security clearance initially denied.

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  • Represented Active Military, White House Personnel, Ambassadors & More
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Whether you are seeking to obtain or hold onto a government, Department of Defense, FBI, or military security clearance, we have proven our ability to help clients overcome issues of dishonorable discharge, five-figure debt, substance abuse, and more. No security clearance issue is too difficult for our attorneys. We can help you navigate every step and every twist and turn of the security clearance process.

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