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Favorable Decisions

Attorney Edmunds has done over 600 Security Clearance Hearings in just the last 4 years. His record of appearances is kept on the official gov’t web site at DOHA.

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August 8, 2017
Department Of Defense
Sacramento, California
Linguist From Afghanistan
Guideline B: Foreign Influence

The Edmunds Law Firm received a favorable decision of a Linguist who had both Afghanistan and Pakistan influence concerns. The Firm helps hundreds of Linguists deployed around the globe with Security Clearance issues.

Attorney Ryan Nerney, whose success in the courtroom is featured on the official DOHA web site under his name, handled this case. If perspective customers would “fact check” the attorneys they talk to against the official DOHA website they would find that many lawyers might have very little experience even though their web sites say the contrary and that these lawyers may not travel across the county as advertised.

Clients need to learn what attorneys actually have experience and a record of success. Attorney Edmunds receives calls from applicants who went to the Hearing with a lawyer that wasn’t experienced and they lost the case. Your career and job is important. Be careful!!

In this case Attorney Nerney took testimony from witnesses. The issue was that our client sent money home to his mother not realizing that it would raise a concern with the DoD. Other issues included relatives in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Attorney Nerney showed that contacts with these individuals were very infrequent. He argued the “whole person concept’ which the judge found to be significant.

The Applicant was granted access to classified information. His job was saved and his career will advance. Call the Firm at 800.481.2526 or visit us on our web site at

August 3, 2017
Petty Theft & Time Card Fraud
Mclean, Virginia
Department Of Defense

The Edmunds Law Firm received Notice of a favorable Security Clearance decision following a submission to an SOR. This was an important result because the client had their clearance reinstated without a Formal DOHA Security Clearance Hearing. The savings in time and money was considerable.

The case involved allegations of Petty Theft, Time Card Fraud as well as Financial considerations under Guideline F of the DoD Directive 5220.6 – The law firm submitted a complete Response to SOR that included argument and exhibits. The client was charged one simple flat fee for services – no hourly fees.

Attorney Alan Edmunds has over 40 years of experience helping Active Duty and Civilian employees as well as DoD Contractors with Security Clearance problems. He can help you as well – just call 800.481.2526. The Edmunds Law Firm has offices coast to coast and offers excellent customer service. The San Diego Better Business Bureau rates the Firm A+.

The Law Firm has 2 very busy offices in Arlington, VA and Jacksonville, Florida for Defense Contractor Clients. We do a lot of business with Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Northrop Grumman employees fighting for security clearances.

Also, anyone can go to the official DOHA web site and confirm that Attorney Alan Edmunds has over 500 Hearings before DOHA just in the last 4 years. Some attorneys say they have experience but the DOHA site doesn’t agree!! They hope people won’t “fact check” their web sites and experience. Be careful – your career is very important. Mr. Edmunds is often called ” The DOHA LAWYER” because of his national experience.

August 7, 2017
Department Of Defense
Guideline F: Financial Concerns
Guideline G: Alcohol Consumption
Tampa, Florida

Department of Defense notified Attorney Alan Edmunds of a favorable decision following a contested Security Clearance Hearing convened in Tampa Florida.

Our client is a 40-year-old defense contractor who is single with no children.  He has a Computer Science degree and had never served in the military. The applicant had 5 delinquent debts. He entrusted a relative to pay his bills while deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan. The relative did a poor job of paying bills.

On the alcohol Consumption allegation the client had stopped drinking alcohol. He showed clean tests. He also enrolled in and successfully completed alcohol treatment. Attorney Edmunds introduced several exhibits that showed strong mitigation and called witnesses as well as the Applicant.

Attorney Edmunds is not stranger to DOHA Security Clearance Hearings. People call him “the DOHA LAWYER”.  He travels the country helping people save their jobs and careers  Mr. Edmunds provides services that include Response to SOR, Security Clearance Hearings and Security Clearance Appeals. He appears before DOHA, NSA, DIA, DOE, ICE, NRO and several other Agencies.

Call 800.481.2526 for immediate help. Visit for immediate guidance.

Department Of Defense
July 27, 2017
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Guideline B: Foreign Influence
Guideline F: Financial Concerns

The Edmunds Law Firm received another favorable decision on a National Security Clearance case. The client was an active duty Air Force. He was an officer who had financial concerns that involved large deposits and foreign influence due to relatives from Nigeria.

The client is married to a doctor and no children. He has been on active duty for 12 years. He had personal conduct allegations due to relatives and travel to different countries.

Attorney Alan Edmunds helps clients around the globe with security clearance problems. Active Duty military call Attorney Edmunds to help clear up security problems but also save their careers. Active Duty officers must have security clearances to do their jobs. In this case the career would have been lost if the Clearance was not granted.

If you need a Response to SOR, a Security Clearance Appeal – bring in the Best Security Clearance Attorney available – call Mr. Edmunds at 800 481 2526. Please visit our web site at and review all of our recent case victories.

Department Of Defense
July 27,2017
New York City
Guideline E – Personal Conduct
Guideline F – Financial Concerns
Guideline J – Criminal Conduct

The Edmunds Law Firm received Notice of a favorable decision in a Security Clearance case that was very difficult to present. The client is a 27 years old single women and former Army.

This young woman was active duty and had 3 deployments. She had drug use, which she admitted and allegations of bad debts, which the client denied. She also alleged that the debts were not hers but due to identity theft.

The Edmunds Law Firm, which is this country’s leading law firm in National Security Clearance matters, submitted a written Response to SOR with numerous exhibits and a legal brief.

The DoD reviewed the package from Attorney Alan Edmunds and granted the clearance. Attorney Edmunds is often called “The Best Security Clearance Attorney” in the country. He has over 40 years of experience and has offices coast to coast. He personally has done over 400 Security Clearance Hearings within the last 4 years alone.  He helps Active Duty Military and civilian employees deployed around the globe.

Security Clearance Granted – Pakistan
Department of Defense
June 28, 2017
Guideline B: Foreign Contacts
Arlington, VA

On May 31, 2017 Attorney Alan Edmunds appeared at a formal security clearance Hearing in Arlington VA. The case involved a linguist who had ties to Pakistan. The relatives included a mother, four brothers and three sisters. The gov’t also alleged that our client had close and continuous ties with friends in Pakistan.

Attorney Edmunds introduced 18 exhibits. Testimony was also taken from the 34 year old Applicant who is a contractor for DoD . He had a bachelor’s degree and is married with two small children. Applicant was born and raised in Pakistan. He became a US citizen in March 2013.

Attorney Edmunds argued the mitigating factors and offered considerable evidence to support the “whole person concept”. The judge agreed with the argument of Mr. Edmunds and the Security Clearance was granted.

Attorney Edmunds has offices coast to coast to help both civilian and Active Duty military clients. He does Response to SOR, Security Clearance Appeals and appears at Formal Security Clearance Hearings all over the United States.

If you have questions and want the experience of one of the country’s leading security clearance attorneys, please call 800.481.2526 and ask for Attorney Edmunds, who is often referred to as “The DOHA Lawyer“.

Department of Defense
May 23, 2017
Guideline E & K: Personal Conduct & Handling Protected Information
Orlando, Florida

On May 23, 2017, a favorable decision was made for The Edmunds Law Firm and their 55-year-old client, who is employed as an executive for a federal contractor.  Mr. Edmunds, who is considered to be “one of the Best Security Clearance Lawyers,” in the United States, successfully mitigated all allegations of Personal Conduct and Handling Protected Information with Exhibits A-K.  The client has been with her current employer since 1989 and has held a security clearance since at least 1999.  The client is a mentor for young female executives at her company, being selected as one of the top five women executives in her traditionally male dominated field, clearly an asset to her company’s productivity.  Mr. Edmunds bold and forthright approach at the hearing clearly paved the way for a favorable decision and her continued access to classified information.

Do not trust your security clearance adjudications process to just any junior level firm.  The Edmunds Law Firm has been in the business of assisting individuals with their security clearances for more than 40 years, including SF-86 preparation, Response to SOR/LOI, FOIA Requests, Personal Appearances and Appeals.  If you have a security clearance matter that you need handled by a powerhouse firm with individuals who will fight for you and your career, then please give The Edmunds Law Firm a call today!

Department of Homeland Security
March 8, 2017
Guideline E: Personal Conduct/Guideline F: Financial Considerations/Guideline J: Criminal Conduct

The Edmunds Law Firm has been assisting clients with adjudicating their matters, with favorable results, for more than 40 years.  Mr. Alan V. Edmunds and his powerhouse team of lawyers will fight for you, just like they did for their client with Personal Conduct, Financial and Criminal allegations.  The Department of Homeland Security issued a Notice of Proposed Action with The Edmunds Law Firm tediously getting right to work in forming the official Response to the Department.  Armed with a plethora of exhibits to include with the Response, the Department issued a favorable decision in the matter, with all allegations being mitigated.  Do not trust just anyone to formulate a perfect Response back to allegations, trust The Edmunds Law Firm to fight for your career and reputation, contact us today!

  • Handling Protected Information and Personal Conduct

    MAY 23, 2017

    This case involved a Senior Executive Contractor who was accused of mishandling protected information. A Statement of Reasons was issued. The Contractor personally responded, which did not mitigate the Government’s concerns. This case was then referred and scheduled for a Hearing. Mr. Edmunds was hired, and he immediately went into action and put his 40 years of professional service to work with this client. Every Hearing case requires work and preparation prior to the Hearing. The staff at the Edmunds Law Firm provided the client with every detail that would be needed for Mr. Edmunds to successfully present this case at the Hearing. At the Hearing, Mr. Edmunds presented evidence and arguments at this Executive’s Hearing, and the end result was in favor of the Senior Contractor. Mr. Edmunds’ 40 years of experience on handling these types of cases, and his litigation skills, makes his firm very successful in winning even the most difficult cases.

    When a Statement of Reasons is issued to a Government Contractor, or Federal Employee, it places a heavy burden on an individual. Do not respond to a Statement of Reasons by yourself. This is a serious and complex matter. Let the professionals at The Edmunds Law Firm lift that burden and help with this potentially career ending situation. We take on the most difficult cases, and will always provide you with the best service possible. If you cherish your security clearance, your career, and your livelihood, call Mr. Edmunds at 1-800-481-2526. WE CAN HELP!

  • Foreign Preference, Foreign Influence, and Personal Conduct

    MAY 19, 2017

    Attorney Alan Edmunds, received Notice of a Formal Granting of Security Clearance on this date when the gov’t decided to withdraw their SOR and objection to Applicants request for a Clearance and instead – grant the clearance without a Formal Security Clearance Hearing.

    Attorney Alan Edmunds had sent Notice of Representation to the gov’t. The case was being calendared for a Formal Security Clearance Appeal Hearing. The allegations included the fact that the Applicant had relatives in India.

    The case involved a woman who moved to the USA in 2002 and became a naturalized citizen in 2013. She sent support to her mother-in- law over the years. She also had passports issued from India.

    The Edmunds Law Firm argued mitigating factors and submitted other information for the gov’t consideration. After careful review of the contentions of Attorney Edmunds, who is known as “The Best Security Clearance Attorney”, in the country by many of his clients – the gov’t withdrew their case and granted the Clearance. Mr. Edmunds also helps client with Security Clearance Appeals and Formal Security Clearance Hearings. He has traveled to India on several occasions and enjoys helping clients from India.

    If you want the best help with your security clearance problems – call Attorney Edmunds at 800-481-2526 or visit

  • Linguist Matter

    MAY 12, 2017

    The Edmunds Law Firm received another favorable decision involving a Linguist who worked for the DoD in Iraq.

    The case was presented to the court by Attorney Alan Edmunds. Mr. Edmunds has been helping clients both civilian and active duty military for over 40 years and is considered one of “the Best Security Clearance Lawyers”, in the United States by many people. His clients span the globe and one community that he helps often is the professional linguist community deployed in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan.

    This case involved a 39 year old linguist who was married and had 2 children. He had relatives living in Iraq. He and his wife were both U.S. Citizens, however born in Iraq and immigrated to the U.S later. They entered the U.S. in the Special Immigrant Visa program.

    The Applicant worked for the Army and other military units. He hired Attorney Alan Edmunds to represent him at the Security Clearance Appeal Hearing. Attorney Edmunds has done over 600 Security Clearance Hearings in just the last 4 years. His record of appearances is kept on the official gov’t web site at DOHA. His victories appear also on his various web sites for client review.

    If you have Security Clearance Application questions or need a Response to SOR call 800-481-2526 or visit


    MAY 10. 2017

    This case involved a Government Contractor who received a Statement of Reasons for Financial Considerations, which included thousands of dollars of debt, and for failing to file Income Taxes for a period of five years. Financial Considerations are one of the most common Guidelines used for a denial of a Security Clearance. This Contractor responded on his own, which was adjudicated unfavorably. This case was referred to DOHA and scheduled for a Hearing. Applicant contacted Mr. Edmunds, where the Hearing process was explained. Having 40 years of experience with these types of cases, Mr. Edmunds knew exactly what documents would be required to support his case at the Hearing. Mr. Edmunds provided numerous mitigating documents that showed the Government that it was in the best interest to grant Applicant a clearance. Once again, the end result was a favorable decision for Applicant.

    These situations become very complex, and any attempts to represent yourself at any Government Hearing will most likely result in an unfavorable decision. Mr. Edmunds and his staff continue to save careers. There is no doubt that Mr. Alan Edmunds is #1 in the country in saving Security Clearances. Go to the DOHA Website and search Alan Edmunds, and you will see firsthand, the hundreds of victories under his name. A loss of a clearance can also result in loss of employment. Contacting The Edmunds Law Firm will be a smart decision and a small price to pay to save your career. DO NOT TAKE THIS COMPLEX SITUATION ON BY YOURSELF! CONTACT THE EDMUNDS LAW FIRM AT 1-800-481-2526.

  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption

    MAY 9, 2017

    Attorney Alan Edmunds appeared in Charleston, South Carolina for a National Security Clearance Formal Hearing on issues of alcohol use. The allegations included two DUI’s and a diagnoses of alcohol abuse.

    The Applicant is a 39 year old Defense Contractor. He has had no alcohol related incidents since 2008. Attorney Edmunds introduced exhibits A thru H. Mr. Edmunds argued mitigating factors and introduced testimony from the Applicant.

    The Edmunds Law Firm represents clients both Active Duty Military, and Civilian contractors around the globe. The “Linguist Community” in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan . According to Gov’t web sites that track DOHA Hearings – Attorney Edmunds has appeared in over 600 cases just in the last 4 years. His success rate is also reported on these sites for your review. It’s one thing for an attorney to “say” they win but it’s another to “actually prove you win”.

    His Law Firm helps with every aspect of the security clearance process from SF 86 prep to Security Clearance Appeals. Attorney Edmunds is often referred to by his clients as ” The DOHA Attorney”. He also appears with all other gov’t agencies such as DIA,DOE,FBI, CIA, ICE, NGO just to name a few. His 40 years of experience can make a huge difference for your case and your career. Call 800-481-2562

  • Foreign Influence & Foreign Preferences

    APRIL 25, 2017

    Alan Edmunds, founding attorney at the San Diego-based The Edmunds Law Firm, has obtained a positive resolution of a national security clearance matter from the Department of Defense. Mr. Edmunds represented a 51-year-old woman during the hearing, a United States citizen and who had attained Lebanese citizenship from a former marriage (the client is divorced with no children). The woman also possessed a joint bank account in Jordan, which she testified had been closed. These factors threatened her ability to gain the security clearance she needed to move forward with her job and protect her career.

    The amount and quality of mitigating evidence presented by Attorney Edmunds, combined with the straightforward and compelling testimony of the applicant, led to the granting of security clearance to the applicant by the judge. Her job and career are no longer in danger.

    Attorney Alan Edmunds is widely considered “The” security clearance lawyer, deftly handling cases related to security clearance hearings, appeals, response to SOR, and more. He travels all over the country to represent civilian and active duty contractors with their security clearance matters. If you need representation, please contact The Edmunds Law Firm at (800) 481-2526 to request a case evaluation.

  • Foreign Preference and Foreign Influence

    APRIL 25, 2017

    The Edmunds Law Firm a national law firm with offices across the country, received Notice of a favorable decision following a formal Hearing on a National Security Clearance case.

    The case concerned a brilliant 44 year old woman who has a PhD in Applied Physical science. The evidence showed that applicant and her family suffered greatly from political persecution during the Chinese cultural revolution.

    Applicant lost both of her parents in an automobile accident. She is married and has 2 daughter born in the United States. Evidence showed that applicant reaffirmed in the presence of her FSO that she had no allegiance to any foreign state. Applicant had no family members of her own in China.

    Attorney Edmunds introduced numerous documents into evidence and also called several witnesses to testify about applicants character and work performance.

    The judge found that it was clearly consistent with the national interest to grant security clearance eligibility.

    Attorney Alan Edmunds is a well known Security Clearance Lawyer on a national level. His clients are both Active Duty Military and Civilian contractors as well as gov’t employees. Call him at 800-481-2526 or

  • Financial Concerns

    MARCH 27 , 2017


    The Edmunds Law Firm received 3 favorable decisions in one day on National Security Clearance matters beforeDOHA. In this case the issue was financial debts including student loans.

    The Firm was represented by Attorney Ryan Nerney. The Applicant thru her attorney entered exhibits A thru R into evidence. Attorney Nerney called 2 witnesses in addition to the Applicant.

    The Applicant is 48 years old, single and the mother of 3 children. She is employed as a DoD defense contractor. The Applicant suffered from income issues and had a repossessed vehicle. She disputed some of the debts in question but showed the court that she had made arrangements for repayment and Attorney Nerney showed strong mitigation. The court found in favor of the Applicant and her job and career were saved.

    The Edmunds Law Firm helps clients each step of the way in the Security Clearance process.Response to SOR, SF 86 preparation, and Appeals to Security Clearance Denials are some of the services the Firm offers. Attorney Alan Edmunds , the owner of the Firm, is known as “The DOHA Lawyer“. He appears across the country for clients.

    The Firm has offices in Calif, Florida and Arlington VA. for the convenience of our clients. Call 800-481-2526 for help or visit

  • Financial Concerns

    MARCH 22, 2017


    The Edmunds Law Firm received a favorable decision following a Formal Security Clearance Hearing held in Sal Lake City Utah. The case alleged financial concerns due to 6 debts totaling $89,000.

    Our client filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, but later dismissed it and dealt with the debts himself. The judge found that the conduct of the Applicant and his evidenced introduced by Attorney Ryan Nerney at trial was compelling and totally mitigated the gov’t concerns. In fact the judge felt Attorney Nerney did such a good job that he proposed a summary disposition in favor of the Applicant.

    The Edmunds Law Firm has been helping clients, both Active Duty Military and Civilian , around the globe for over 40 years. WE are the leader in security clearance litigation. Our attorneys are trained by one of the Best Security Clearance Lawyers in the country, Attorney Alan Edmunds.

    Your career is important and so is your job – don’t trust it to any attorney with a fancy web site who has few if any favorable case decisions. Check out the attorney on theDOHA web site and see how many cases they actually have won. Attorney Edmunds has completed over 600 Security Clearance Appeals in just the last 4 years. He can be reached at 800-481-2526 or schedule an appointment in our offices in Washington DC/ Arlington, VA; San Diego, Ca; Jacksonville, FLA or Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • Personal Conduct

    MARCH 13,2017

    On March 13, The Edmunds Law Firm received Notice of another favorable decision in anational security clearance case. Attorney Edmunds appeared for the Firm in North Carolina. The Applicant had 2 DUIs and allegations of inappropriate conduct in public.

    The client needed his job and career for family and personal reasons. He was told that he was about to lose his job and then he hired Attorney Alan Edmunds. Today the client is back at work and his pay restored.

    Alan Edmunds is a man who helps the “underdog” fight the gov’t . For over 40 years he has traveled across the country for his clients. He has offices in Calif, Florida, Arlington VA and North Carolina. If you have an SOR and need a Response to SOR or if you have a Hearing date and want a Security Clearance Lawyer for the Hearing call us today at 800 481 26526 or visit

    He represents Active Duty Military in Security Clearance Cases or Civilian contractors. Don’t risk your career – call us today at 800-481-2526.

  • MARCH 10 , 2017

    Attorney Alan Edmunds of The Edmunds Law Firm received another favorable decision in a national security clearance hearing held in Arlington Va. The case was very difficult because the gov’t alleged 17 past due debts or obligations owed by the Applicant in a Statement of Reasons.Guideline F cases are very difficult and Attorney Edmunds has been winning these cases for years. In fact, much to the disappointment of his competitors his Trial record appears on the official gov’t web site at DOHA which reveals over 600 Trials in just the last 4 years. His favorable decisions also appear on this site. Attorney Edmunds is known across the country as “The Best Security Clearance Lawyer” by numerous clients. He has also been called , “The DOHA Lawyer” because he represents so many people across the country and around the globe before DOHA Judges.TheLinguist Community in the Middle East rely on the expertise of Attorney Edmunds to help them keep their DoD jobs with the U.S. Military. Alan Edmunds represents Active Duty Military and Civilian Contractors who are deployed around the globe.In this recent victory, the client was a 60 year old defense contractor. He was a senior project leader who had 2 divorces, 3 children and going forward a good salary to resolve debts. What made this case unusual was the fact of a “malicious cyber intrusion ” that included some of applicants personal information.The judge found that the evidence mitigated all of the govt’ concerns and the ruling was favorable. another career saved and another applicant who was able to keep his job. Call Alan Edmunds at 800 481 2526 for help and guidance with all security clearance issues. He has appeared before numerous gov’t Agencies including DIA, CIA, FBI, ICE, DOHA, DOE, NSA, NRO, and Dept of State. Your career is important – don’t’ risk your future. Call The Edmunds Law Firm.
  • Foreign Influence

    MARCH 7, 2017

    Attorney Alan Edmunds received notice of a favorable court decision following a contested Security Clearance Hearing held in Chicago. The case involve a linguist who worked for the Dept of Defense in Iraq. He had relatives that were citizens of Iraq. He was born in Iraq and went to high school in Iraq. He became a citizen of the U.S. in 2010.

    Attorney Edmunds, this country’s lading security clearance attorney, presented the case for Applicant. Attorney Edmunds showed Applicants pride in his U.S. citizenship through testimony and letters of recommendation fromActive Duty Military Officers.

    The judge agreed with Attorney Edmunds that the evidence demonstrated, ” deep and longstanding relationships and loyalties in the U.S.” The client kept his clearance and his job.

    The Edmunds Law Firm represents clients across the country and around the globe. The official DOHA web site shows that Attorney Edmunds is one of the most popular and successful security clearance lawyers in the entire country. Why trust your future or career to an attorney who doesn’t win or has little experience? Call 800 481 2526 for a free consult. Meet one of the most dynamic and successful attorneys in the country in the area of National Security Clearance law.

    Active Duty Military and Civilian Contractors often turn to Alan Edmunds for help. He has been often called ,” The Best Security Clearance Lawyer in the country by his clients. Do you need to do aResponse to SOR, complete anSF 86, or Appeal a Security Clearance Denial ? If so call 800 471 2526 and ask for Attorney Alan Edmunds.

  • Personal Conduct

    FEBRUARY 28, 2017

    The Edmunds Law Firm received Notice of a favorable decision from FEMA, Dept of Homeland Security. The case involved allegations of Criminal Conduct including Assault and Battery and Trespassing.

    The favorable decision was the result of a Written Response to LOI that was drafted and submitted by Attorney Alan Edmunds. The Response included exhibits and a legal brief that discussed mitigation of the allegations.

    This was an important victory for our client because the clearance was granted following a Written Response to LOI without a formal hearing. The client saved money, time and was back at work quickly.

    Attorney Alan Edmunds is this country’s leading attorney in the area of National Security Clearance representation. He travels across the country helping clients from a variety of Federal Agencies as well as Active Duty Military defend gov’t allegations that could cause a revocation of their Clearance. Clients that need a Response to SOR, or representation at aSecurity Clearance Hearing, including aDOHA Hearing can call Attorney Edmunds for guidance. His trial results are reported on the official DOHA gov’t web site. He has completed over 600 Hearings in the last 4 years alone. Attorney Edmunds appears on security clearance matters before, CIA, FBI, NSA, DOE, NRO and DOHA. He is often referred to as “The DOHA Attorney“. Call 800 481 2526 for answers to questions. Your career is important – call Attorney Edmunds and get the best help available.

  • Illegal Drug Use

    FEBRUARY 23,2017

    The Edmunds Law Firm received another favorable decision in a National Security Clearance which was filed with the DOHA court on 2-16-2017. The allegations in the SOR included Cocaine use, Marijuana use and Ecstasy use. The Applicant was also cited for sale of Marijuana. All of the allegations occurred between 2012 and 2014.

    This was clearly a case in mitigation for Attorney Ryan Nerney who appeared for the Firm. Attorney Nerney has an impressive record of favorable decisions across the country in national security clearance matters.

    The Applicant was 22 years old, unmarried with no children and a college BA Degree.. As an Aerospace Engineer the Applicant did an incredible job of turning his life around following college. Attorney Nerney presented a strong case in mitigation. A report from a licensed Social Worker was very compelling for the Applicant. The report stated Applicant had a “low probability of substance abuse in the future.”

    After presentation of all of the evidence the Judge found, ” the behavior waas so infrequent” an happened under …circumstances that it is unlikely to recur…”.For the Edmunds Law Firm, this country’s leading Security Clearance Law Firm – this was another career save.Alan Edmunds is known as theBest Security Clearance Lawyer, and he trains the attorneys in the Firm to be trial lawyers. The Firm does , Response to SOR, DOHA Appeals, and SF 86 reviews. Call 800-481-2526 for assistance with your case. Attorney Edmunds helps Active Duty Military with Military Security Clearance cases ass well as civilian Contractors deployed around the world.One important group of clients for the Firm are DoD Linguists who serve in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan and work for the U.S. Military and DoD Contractors. Call Attorney Edmunds, ” The DOHA Lawyer” today .

    Visit our web sites for more information at

  • Financial Concerns

    FEB. 21, 2017

    Attorney Alan Edmunds received another favorable decision from the Dept of Defense on a national security clearance case. The allegations included Guideline

    F: Financial concerns. The clients Clearance was revoked due to unpaid bills and the Applicant hired The Edmunds Law Firm for the Appeal of Security Clearance.

    The facts showed the Applicant had 6 late/unpaid debts. He was a High School graduate, had prior Navy military service and had periods of unemployment. At the time of the Hearing he had a Security Clearance for the last 10 years.

    The judge agreed with the arguments of Attorney Alan Edmunds , this country’s leading Security Clearance Lawyer, when he argued that the events in applicants life are unlikely to repeat and that the Applicant has been making payments to creditors.

    The Clearance was reinstated. The Applicant kept his job and his career. The Edmunds Law Firm also did theResponse to SOR and submitted exhibits A thru L at the Hearing.

    Attorney Edmunds represent Active Duty Military and Civilian Contractors deployed around the globe. He is very popular with the Linguist community deployed to Iraq. Several Linguists Security Clearance cases are reported on the Firm web sites.

    Attorney Alan Edmunds has been called, The Best Security Clearance Attorney in the country by many clients. His record of success appears on the official DOHA web site. Call 800 481 2526 or visit

  • Personal Conduct

    FEB 6, 2017

    Attorney Alan Edmunds received notice of another favorable security clearance decision from NSA on 2-6-17. The case involved an Applicant for Access who had used marijuana and prescription drugs that were prescribed to her mother.

    What made the case so interesting was that the drug use occurred when the Applicant was in her late 40’s and early 50’s. She was married and had children.

    Attorney Edmunds argued the “whole person concept” and the fact that there had been complete rehabilitation. Testimony was given and numerous documents were admitted into evidence.

    Attorney Edmunds is known was the “Best Security Clearance Attorney” by many clients around the globe who he has helped keep their jobs. Alan Edmunds has over 40 yrs of military and security experience. His Firm has offices coast to coast.

    The Edmunds Law Firm helps clients with Responses to SOR, Security Clearance Appeals, DOHA Hearings, andSF 86 Prep. Call Mr. Edmunds at 800 481 2526 for immediate guidance with your case. Review the DOHA web site and learn about Attorney Edmunds success across the country. He stands alone as an outstanding security clearance lawyer.

  • Drug Involvement and Personal Conduct

    JAN. 27,2017

    The Edmunds Law Firm received another favorable decision from DOHA which is reported on their official web site for review. Attorney Alan Edmunds is this country’s leading attorney in the area ofnational security clearance matters and helps both Active Duty Military and Civilian Contractors and Employees around the globe.

    This case involved a 33 yr old Applicant with a high school education. The SOR alleges that Applicant used cocaine

    and further alleges that Applicant falsified information on his EQUIP.The gov’t admitted 5 exhibits and the Applicant through his attorneyAlan Edmunds admitted 10 exhibits. Attorney Alan Edmunds also called one witness plus the Applicant.

    Attorney Edmunds presented very strong evidence that Applicant suffered from PTSD and that this impacted his behavior. The mental health issue of this prior military member was compelling. Another issue that Attorney Edmunds developed in the trial was the “whole person concept.”

    The judge concluded after review of the evidence and consideration of testimony and the comments of Attorney Alan Edmunds , ” that Applicant has mitigated drug involvement and personal conduct security concerns.”

    Alan Edmunds is an incredible attorney who is passionate about his clients case and presentation of evidence at trial. He is known as “The DOHA ATTORNEY” because he represents so many clients across the country at DOGHA Hearings. His staff of professionals also does,Responses to SOR, FOIA Requests, Security
    Clearance Appeals andMilitary Security Clearances. Call 800 481 2526 for immediate assistance with your case.

    You may also learn more by visiting

  • Personal Conduct

    JANUARY 20,2017

    The Edmunds Law Firm received notice of another favorable decision following a formal Security Clearance Hearing involving allegations of drug use and falsification of a govt’ questionnaire. The case was litigated before an Administrative Law Judge. Attorney Ryan C. Nerney appeared on behalf of the Edmunds Law Firm.

    The case included testimony, exhibits and a signed Statement of Intent by applicant. The defense offered into evidence exhibits A-Q – which showed mitigation of the allegations. The applicant used marijuana last in 2012. He also testified that he no longer associates with the individuals in his past. In addition several of Applicants supervisors wrote strong letters of recommendation.

    The Edmunds Law Firm is this country’s leading provider of security clearance representation.Attorney Alan Edmunds is known as the DHA Lawyer and often referred to as “The Best Security Clearance Attorney.”

    Attorney Edmunds helpsActive Duty Military and Civilian Employees with security clearance allegations. Response to SOR Security Clearance Appeals, FOIA Requests and Security Clearance Hearings are a few of the services offered for clients across the country and around the globe. The Edmunds Law Firm has offices coast to coast. The Official DOHA web site reveals that Attorney Alan Edmunds has done over 600 Hearings in the last 5 years. He is a Former Judge Pro Tem and has received awards for his legal work.

    Call Alan Edmunds today with questions at 800-481-2526 or visit – our staff of experts is standing by for your call.

  • Financial Concerns

    JANUARY 20, 2017

    The Edmunds law Firm, this country’s leading law firm in national security clearance representation received another favorable decision following a Formal Hearing.The case involved a client who was 47 years old, unmarried with no children. She had an MBA and held a position of management for a defense contractor.

    Attorney Ryan Nerney appeared for the Firm. Mr. Nerney’s record of success extends coast to coast. At the Hearing he called four witnesses and introduced twenty exhibits. The case was a Guideline F – Financial Concern case where the Applicant had 14 debts totaling $115,000.00 including 2 tax liens. The Edmunds Law Firm has handled more Guideline F cases over the last 4 years than most other law firms according to the DOHA official web site.

    Attorney Alan Edmunds is the Sr Lawyer for the Firm and has a global reputation as being one of ” The Best Security Clearance Lawyers“. He has tried over 600 cases in the last 4 years and trains the law firm lawyers to be ” trial attorneys”. Mr. Edmunds has clients bothActive Duty Military, Contractors and Federal Employees around the world. Helping Active Duty with Military Security Clearance matters is important to Alan Edmunds who has made a career out of defending our men and woman in uniform with legal problems.

    We welcome your calls and email. Please call 800-481-2526 or email us with case details at You can also visit us at our security clearance web sites

  • Nigerian Applicant

    JANUARY 19, 2017

    Attorney Alan Edmunds received notification from the judge that he was making a “Summary Favorable Disposition” on a case involving an applicant who was from Nigeria. What was so special about this case is that the judge made his initial decision shortly after the Hearing was closed. Attorney Alan Edmunds admitted so much evidence and presented such compelling arguments that the judge stated,” Applicant mitigated security concerns raised in the SOR and met her heavy burden of persuasion …” the judge went on to say, ” the whole person factors present in this case mitigate the security concern raised by Applicant’s past actions…” In addition this case involved a woman who in the words of the judge,” she has a full-time job in the United States, while attending a prestigious U.S. university for her second post- doctorate degree.”

    Alan Edmunds is this country’s leading “Security Clearance Attorney’s,” who has tried more than 600 cases before Federal Agencies. His case work can be verified by gov’t web sites as well as his success in the courtroom. He helps clients around the globe with “Responses to SOR“, “Security Clearance Hearings“, “Security Clearance Appeals” and “SF 86” prep.

    The Edmunds Law Firm has offices in San Diego, Raleigh, and Jacksonville, Fla. The Firm attorneys help Active Duty Military, Contractors deployed around the globe as well as gov’t employees. Mr Edmunds has done military law for over 40 years. He helps Active Duty with Military Security Clearance’s. He is also often referred to as “The DOHA Lawyer“. Call 800 481 2526 for immediate assistance. You can also review case results at

  • DUI Convictions

    JAN 12, 2017

    The Edmunds Law Firm received a favorable decision following a Formal Hearing in Bloomington, Indiana at the Naval Surface Warfare Center. The Hearing included allegations of alcohol abuse alleging 2 separate DUI convictions.

    The Edmunds Law Firm has been helping clients withMilitary Security Clearance cases for over 40 years. Attorney Alan Edmunds is this country’s leading Security Clearance Attorney appearing at Formal Hearing, Response to SOR, and Appeals of Security Clearances.

    Attorney Scott Neinas appeared for the Firm in this case. Attorney Neinas traveled from the Firm’s West coast office. During the Hearing Attorney Neinas called witnesses, offered into evidence documents and argued the case before the Administrative judge. Had the client lost this case he would have not only lost his clearance but also his job which he had for over ten years.

    The President, Personnel Security Appeals Board stated, “AS a result of its review, the PSAB will direct the Dod CAF to reinstate your eligibility for access to classified information…”

    Attorney Alan Edmunds is the Sr. Attorney and founder of the Firm. He is often considered by many as “The Best Security Clearance Lawyer” in the country. His record of success appears on the official gov’t web site at DOHA. He has over 600 hearings just in the last 4 years. If you need help call 800 481 2526 and trust your career to one of the most experienced law firms in the country. You can also visit us at – “Experience makes the Difference.”

  • Financial Concerns

    JAN 6, 2017

    The Edmunds Law Firm, the leading nationally known law firm in the area of national security clearance cases, received another favorable decision following trial in a case that was litigated in New London, Ct. The Applicant had an SOR that alleged 10 separate debts.

    Attorney Ryan Nerney for the Firm appeared at trial. He has extensive trial experience across the country and litigated this case. Numerous documents were admitted showing mitigation of certain debts and testimony was taken.

    The case was made more complex because there were also allegations concerning unpaid child support and Federal taxes.

    The Edmunds Law Firm helps clients with , Response to SOR, SF 86 prep and Security Clearance Appeals. Call 800 481 2526 to speak with an attorney. Your career is important – let our experience and national reputation for success help you and your family through difficult times. You can also view case results on the law firm web sites


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