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The Edmunds Law Firm can assist with the entire spectrum of National Security Clearance problems. This field of law is complex and specialized, and today’s security climate has contributed to the difficulty in obtaining (or retaining) a National Security Clearance. Over thirty years of National Security Clearance experience has earned The Edmunds Law Firm a national reputation for success, particularly for individuals who have initially been denied a National Security Clearance.

Individuals who are seeking a National Security Clearance will be thoroughly screened by the Federal Government. In today’s security climate, obtaining a National Security Clearance is often a challenge. The Edmunds Law Firm has successfully represented hundreds of “Clearance Applicants” over the past three decades, covering the entire spectrum of Clearance related issues. Read more about our firm.

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Experience Makes the Difference

Alan Edmunds Security Clearance LawyerExperience Makes the DifferenceThe Edmunds Law Firm has the experience that makes the difference in National Security Clearance cases. Individuals who are seeking to obtain, or keep, a Security Clearance are often met with significant obstacles. It is the knowledge and skill provided by the firm’s 30 years of experience that allows us to overcome these challenges quickly and effectively.

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US mapThe Edmunds Law Firm provides successful representation in security clearance matters, nationwide. Attorney Alan V. Edmunds is among a small group of attorneys who travel across the country to help individuals with their national security clearance problems. Contact us today for more information about your National Security Clearance case.

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Recent Victories

DOHA (Hearing)
June 20, 2016
Guideline B (Foreign Influence)
Chantilly, VA

A Statement of Reasons for Foreign Influence was issued by the Department of Defense, Consolidated Adjudications Facility (DODCAF) to a Linguist working as a Government Contractor. The Contractor had allegations of financial and personnel interests in the country of India. Applicant requested a hearing, and the case was heard in front of a DOHA Administrative Judge, with Mr. Edmunds representing this Contractor. Having done this for over 40 years, Mr. Edmunds and his staff knew exactly what documents were needed to mitigate the Government’s concerns. Once the hearing concluded, there was no doubt that Applicant’s loyalty was with the United States. The Judge made the decision that it was in the best interest for Applicant to maintain his security clearance. Applicant was able to continue with his career as a Linguist working for the Government.

DOHA (Hearing)
June 20, 2016
Guideline F (Financial Considerations)
Camden, NJ

A Statement of Reasons was issued to a Senior Government Contractor by the Department of Defense, Consolidated Adjudications Facility (DODCAF) for Financial Considerations. The Contractor had occurred over $75,000 in debt that was either charged off, or in collections. Applicant requested a hearing, and the case was heard in front of a DOHA Administrative Judge, with Mr. Edmunds representing this Contractor. Numerous mitigating documents were submitted at the hearing. With the experience and knowledge of Mr. Edmunds, and the support of his staff, this case was in Applicant’s favor on all allegations. As a result, the Government’s concerns were mitigated, and the Government Contractor’s security clearance was granted. Most importantly, Applicant was able to continue with her career working for the Government.

DOHA (Hearing)
April 8, 2016
Guidelines E and K.
Caldwell, New Jersey

A Government Contractor received a Statement of Reasons for Personal Conduct and Handling Protected Information. The case was assigned to an Administrative Judge for a hearing. Mr. Edmunds represented this client, and provided evidence and testimony to the Judge at the hearing. As a result, the Government’s concerns were mitigated. This Government Contractor was able to maintain his security clearance and continue with his job.

DODCAF – Response to Statement of Reasons
GUIDELINES E and F (Personal Conduct & Financial Considerations)
February 10, 2016
Citrus Heights, California

A Contractor working as an Auditor for the U.S. Government received a Statement of Reasons for Financial issues and Personal Conduct issues. The Statement of Reasons had over 15 allegations of Financial debt and Personal Conduct issues. The Financial debt total was over $40,000.00. The Personal Conduct issue was failure to address debt in the SF-86. Mr. Edmunds and his National Security Paralegal Mr. Dennis Smith prepared a professionally written response to the Governments allegations. As a result of this written response, the Contractor received a favorable Security Clearance Determination.

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Security Clearance – January 2016

On 23 December 2015 the DoDCAF favorably adjudicated my investigation and my response to the LOI/SOR with a Secret clearance! I realized after 30 days into the adjudication process that I was completely in over my head in trying to address this situation myself. I thank you for being an attorney who is reachable, personable, and respectful as we collaborated in this process. I also appreciate the fact that you provided me with information on debt management and tools to help me dispute creditors/collections agencies.

Security Clearance – November 2015
Fantastic news!! I want to thank you for all of the hard work you put into this case. Your professionalism was key in ensuring all the pertinent data was presented to his Honor. Thanks again for presenting to the Administrative Judge – you did an excellent job.

Security Clearance – March 2015
“This is the most amazing news I have had in 2 years waiting for this to come through. it was one setback after another, after another. To say that I am thankful for your service to me would be an extreme understatement. The knowledge, professionalism, and courtesy extended to me through you and our firm is a true testament that you folks are in of the finest caliber in the legal profession!

With this favorable ruling, I can now help take better care of my handicap son while not worrying about my career being in jeopardy due to government obstacles that are trivial at best.

Again, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you and your team for the outstanding service, and dedication to my case.”


Security Clearance – March 2015
“Alan, see below, we got it! Thank you for all your support, I have no words, you have been very professional, thanks to your response and assistance I received my Secret Clearance!
I will be contacting you later today.”


Security Clearance – September 2014
“I can gladly express my heartfelt thanks to you and your firm for the outstanding effort that produced the swift and successful result achieved on my behalf. The upfront description of services and prices was comforting and absolutely backed up with the insight, savvy and experience to set my situation right.

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